What Our Affiliations Mean for Our Students

Presentation-Dive Center

If this is your first inquiry into becoming a Scuba Diver, the choice of an international training agency probably doesn't mean much to you. In fact, you may not even know what they are or that they even exist. That's fine! Briefly, international training agencies certify instructors to teach Scuba Diving in the way they want our students to be trained for standardization, consistency, and safety. Every instructor or Scuba Center chooses to align with whichever agency they feel is the best fit for their business model and teaching style.

Here at Simply Scuba, we realize that not everyone learns new material or skills the same way. Therefore, our instructors affiliate with two training agencies, so you, in turn, have a choice of training that best suits your learning style.

All in-water class portions are under the direct spervision of our instructors and assistants, so the following is just for classroom hours:

If you prefer a more in-person, hands-on approach, classroom-style learning, we suggest you ask about our NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) training programs.

If you are more comfortable with self-paced learning, rather than a classroom setting, our SSI (Scuba Schools International) training programs are offered mostly paperless and online through computers, tables, and/or phone apps.

REMEMBER...you don't necessarily have to stick with just one, there are different paths once you begin your Scuba journey. Give us a call or come on in and we will be happy to discuss it with you!