Open Water Price

Open Water Scuba Certification - $595

That's right. We charge the highest price in town for Open Water Scuba Diving lessons. Such a bold statement obviously begs the question...why?

First, Take a look at the pictures on the right. You may notice all of our classes are small, usually around 4 students or less. We don't crowd as many students as we can into a scuba class for the sake of dive center efficiency. Our classroom, pool, and lake sessions are specifically designed to give you, the student, more personalized attention during training as well as more time to actually practice, explore, and have fun rather than waiting for 8, 10, 12 or more other students to complete their underwater skills on your training dives.

Secondly, we teach Scuba Diving in a classroom setting. When you pay for lessons, we schedule actual hands-on training and don't just provide you with a computer code and wish you luck. However, if that is your preferred method of learning, we can accommodate that as well.

Finally, our tagline "Patient, Stress-Free Scuba Training" is not just a random catch-phrase, it truly is our training philosophy. We are extremely patient with those who may be a little hesitant or even nervous about Scuba Training. You will NEVER feel any real or imagined time pressure to complete your training. Not everyone takes to scuba naturally (I sure didn't), so if it takes you a few tries to master your skills, so be it. If we need an extra pool or lake session to get your comfortable, we will do it. We will take as long as you need. You will NEVER hear anything resembling "maybe scuba isn't for you" or "you need to come back because we have other students to tend to" coming from us. We are here to introduce you to an awesome new activity and open your eyes to a new world of adventure, and your success means the world to us.

So yes, do your due diligence, talk to others, ask questions, then call us to schedule your "Patient, Stress-Free" training experience. You will have no regrets.

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