What Our NAUI Affiliation Means for Our Students


The acronym “NAUI” stands for National Association of Underwater Instructors. NAUI is one of many training agencies approved by the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) to teach Scuba diving. Every training agency must follow the minimum standards set by the WRSTC, but of course, they are allowed to teach more if they choose. In addition, each agency develops their own methods and protocols to train divers.

I have chosen NAUI affiliation for one very important reason: NAUI allows me the flexibility to teach according to the needs of my students. I find this extremely important as it aligns with my “Stress-Free Training” philosophy. As one example, I am not bound by a specific sequence to teach things.

Therefore, if a student does have an issue with a particular skill, we can move on and come back to it later rather than having one challenging task become a major barrier or stressor for that student. Beyond that, I am also confident that a NAUI-trained diver is already one of the best upon completion of training. If I truly did not believe that, I would not be a NAUI member.

Learn more about NAUI at NAUI.org